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MSing About YouTube

2023 saw my MSing About YouTube channel launch. There are new short videos every Monday to Friday. Just click the title for a teaser.

Mondays, I look at the so-called Good Old Days of the 50s, 60’s and 70’s…

Tuesday, it is Slide Night – tales from my overseas travels…

Wednesday is Brush with Fame – anecdotes about actors, musicians, sportspeople and politicians I have worked with or bumped into…

Thursday I have called Got a Minute? It is a minute on whatever takes my fancy… a muse or a rant about any old thing. Could be rugby, racism, royalty, rainbows, recycling or just rubbish…

Friday is My Australia… I’ve travelled a lot across our wide, brown land for holidays, business and to research my travel book, The Small Guide to a Big Country

There are also weekend videos like the three 9-minute ones that have a quirky look at my particular flavour of MS and MS in general.

Here is a link to the first one.

Following that weekly series will be another weekend series called Conversations which are five to six minutes of banter between my podcast sidekick, Katrina Christensen and me.

Also in the planning stages are workshop videos on creative writing and a sketch comedy called Digit. Stay tuned.

All the videos to date are all housed in the Blogs section on my new website, as are the weekly podcasts – the website is simply called MSing About!

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