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This year I’ve started dabbling in podcasts as part of the MSing About project. I have a sidekick in Katrina Christensen who is a carer, a pianist, a singer and a lot of fun. We have a 97-year-old friend, Florence who occasionally drops in for a chat, as does my mate, Dave Prior.

What’s it about?

It’s about 20 minutes and is, what Katrina calls it, a podcast about nothing… because we pick something to talk about and tangents can take us anywhere… we may start out talking about dating, love and marriage and end up talking about eggs, cauliflower, ducks, Siamese Twins, movies, schoolyards and bees. You will find the most recent on the home page of the MSing About website and previous podcasts in the Blogs section of the site. Here is a short trailer:






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